13 August, 2011

It has changed the way I view the world....or at least the items in my shopping cart

I would love to say that I've remained completely unchanged since my pancreas stopped doing its job almost 2 years ago, but that is hardly the case. I've acquired necessary insurance fighting skills, I've become much more aware of what goes in my tummy (not at all meaning that I always eat healthy food, just that I know the consequences when I splurge), I try not to walk around barefoot (the key here is that I TRY to be better about this), and I see nearly everything differently.

One of the scariest symptoms before my diagnosis was that I went to

bed with 20/20 vision, and woke up unable to read anything far away. I couldn't read any street signs on my drive home from New Jersey (making it difficult to spot the hundred rest stops I needed to stop at to use the bathroom on my 3 hr ride), and I couldn't see anything far away at work (which as a middle school teacher, is far scarier than not being able to see on the turnpike).

Luckily, that isn't want I mean at all about seeing things differently. Those symptoms only come back when my glucose levels are way out of whack, and according to my doctor (whom I hate merely because she dilates my eyes once a year) I have maintained 20/20 vision, and have no signs of diabetic retinopathy. But I do see things differently.

I now see pockets as one of the greatest things ever invented, and as one of the greatest items that makes this disease manageable (although my pump and insulin pens aren't half bad either).
Take these running shorts for example:

Normal eyes see: a pair of running shorts.
Normal eyes on a body that has seen its share of running see: a pair of running shorts w/ anti-chaffing built in lining.
Diabetes eyes see: a pair of running shorts w/ anti-chaffing built in lining and pockets that allow me to cut down on the number of dork belts (more on running w/ dork belts in another post) I have to wear to carry all of my gear.

back zipper pocket perfect in size for holding a GU or some glucose tabs

hidden pocket inside the lining, just the right size for securely holding my pump without too much bouncing.

FEMALE Diabetes eyes see: THEY WERE ON SALE!!