24 June, 2011

The Big D and Me

Who gets to be the Big D today?

I'd like to think that more days than not, I get to be the Big D. It is a title that is awarded to the winner for the day - and the contenders for the title always stay the same.

Will Dana be the Big D today? or will Diabetes win the title?

Most days I feel like I'm in control - with New Pancreas at my side and enough test strips to completely cover my floor, I manage to keep diabetes in check. By testing often, I can keep those highs and lows at bay and come out of the day feeling victorious. One of my favorite victories is when I test and I'm out of range, but the suggested correction factor is exactly equal to the amount of insulin my pump says I have on board - this is a good sign that I've bolused to near perfection. These are the days that Big D stands for Dana - the one who says, "diabetes, I see your lack of insulin production, but I raise you one pump and one meter" and diabetes folds.

I wish I could say that I've had a an undefeated season, but I'm not sure that's possible in this sport. On the plus side, I have a better average than my dear O's. There are days when I'm caught off guard - when I don't bring my A game to the show. These are the days when diabetes gets me, and I have to hand over the Big D title. Waking up low in the middle of the night, having to end a workout early to have some juice, or correcting and correcting and correcting again for those highs that just wont quit are all sure signs that diabetes has me beat for the day.

The good thing is that the fight starts over each day, giving me a fresh start to reclaim my title.

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  1. Yes i know what you mean. Today It was definitely me who won not the big D